Knee Pain

Our Goal Is To Decrease Your Knee Pain And Get You Back Doing What You Love! 


Dr. Jeremy Hozjan's revolutionary knee pain treatment system is a complete non-surgical approach to helping knee pain.  Call our Charlotte office at 704-523-2367 or click here to schedule your appointment today!

Why Are You Having Knee Pain?

Many people have been "everywhere" and continue to have several of these key causes of knee pain missed.

Orthopedic Concerns - A detailed analysis, including specific xrays, need to be taken to accurately asses the boney alignment of the lower body to understand why the problem with the knee exists and not just that it exists.  Is it an ankle issue, with excessive pronation of the foot or loss of the normal arch?  Is it a pelvic rotational issue and if so, is it a front to back or side to side misalignment that is causing one leg to be shorter than the other?  Is it one of many other factors that can disrupt proper lower body alignment and therefore lead to knee pain?  

Spine and Low Back Nerve Compression - In order for you to be well, your brain and the different parts of your body need to be in constant communication with each other.  This is achieved through a healthy spine and nervous system.  The nerves that come out of your low back provide the necessary functions of controlling bowel, bladder, end stages of digestion, sexual function and of course the muscles of the low back and leg, including the knee.  When communication to these body parts is disrupted by a misalignment of any of the bones in your back, aspects of function and symptoms of pain, numbness or tingling anywhere down your leg may result.  Degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis and other contraindications to healing need to be evaluated.

Inflammatory and Metabolic Concerns - Different metabolic conditions such as diabetes, statin induced neuropathies or autoimmune disorders can damage nerve function.  When this happens to the nerves of the low back, the muscles, ligaments and tendons that stabilize the knee can become weak.  Over years of increased abnormal movement in the knee joint, continued degeneration will lead to a variety of chronic conditions and symptoms in the knee.

Knee LIgament Injuries - Damage to the ligaments of the knee, including the cruciate and collateral ligaments and the meniscus, can lead to joint instability, weakness and premature degeneration.  The knee joint will continue to breakdown and arthritic conditions will develop.  

When a joint like the knee is damaged, it will continue to deteriorate until something is done to disrupt that process of degeneration and restore normal skeletal, nerve, muscle and ligament function.  Our unique approach will determine the root cause of your specific knee condition and if it is something that we can help you with.  Call us today at 704-523-2367 or click here to schedule your evaluation and see if you qualify for treatment..

What Is Our Approach To Knee Pain?

If we accept your case, you may be a candidate for some of the following treatments:

Radiographic Imaging of the Low Back, Pelvis and Knees - Provides specific information on the exact positioning of your joints and the stage of degeneration they are in.  We will go over every detail of your images with you to help you understand why we can or cannot help you.

High Power Laser Therapy - Provides accelerated pain relief and healing exactly where you need it.  It is effective in managing both acute and chronic conditions.

Isolated Joint Decompression - Applying long axis traction and decompression to the knee allows wastes and nutrients to follow the appropriate pathways in and out of the joint.  Precisely calculated periods of repeated traction and rest begin to restore some of the lost mechanics of your knee joint.

Peripheral Neuropathy Rehabilitation Therapy - E
lectronically measures the condition of your peripheral nerves and corrects the problem. The results are cumulative and it can help rebuild your nerves.

Specific Joint Adjustments -  Properly aligns the joints, provides relief to irritated nerves and restores communication to the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the low back, pelvis, knee and ankle.  Each gentle adjustment is specific to the targeted segment and provides an immediate improvement in pain free range of motion.

Nutritional Support For Tissue Healing and Repair - Without the proper nutritional building blocks, your body may never reach it's full healing potential.  By understanding the root cause of your specific knee pain, we are able to customize a nutritional protocol of the highest quality all natural supplements and herbs to fit your needs.

Why Don't Knee Surgeries Work?

Many people that have knee surgeries continue to have pain even after surgery.  The reason for this is not clearly understood, but it is obvious that something is being missed.  Surgeries address the joint only, and usually never consider the affect that the ankle, hip, pelvis and lower back have on the nerve.  Other considerations like neuromuscular control problems where the nerves in the leg are are not functioning normally due to compression in the lower back, or damage from metabolic conditions like diabetes, autoimmune conditions and statin medication damage are missed all too frequently.   Missing other orthopedic concerns, nerve involvement and metabolic inflammation conditions in the diagnosis and treatment of knee pain is a big mistake and the main reason that knee surgeries and standard physical therapy for knee rehabilitation are not effective in many cases.

Our Approach Is Different.

We determine WHY you are having knee pain rather than simply treating the pain itself.  Discovering the cause of your symptoms allows us to best support your body's healing capabilities without the risk of dangerous or harmful side effects associated with many medications or surgeries.  We understand our limitations and don't accept every case that comes to us.  It is our sincere hope that we can help you! Call 704-523-2367 or click here now to setup an evaluation.