Auto Injury

Auot Injury VideosWere you injured in an auto accident?

You need treatment today and that is what we can do for you. Even "fender-benders" can cause hidden injuries that can develop into pain, headaches, and arthritis. Even worse, most people who have been involved in an auto accident may not even know that they've been hurt. All you need to bring with you on your first visit is the accident report, accident claim information (if you have them) and your car insurance information. We can start treating you right away. Even if you do not have any health insurance, you can still come in for treatment.

You are suffering from pain and the last thing you need to do is worry about how to get help.  We always have room for new chiropractic patients in our offices. Every patient will meet with Dr. Jeremy Hozjan and receive a consultation, thorough exam, and x-rays if needed.

No Health Insurance Needed! We can help you today! You DO NOT need to see an attorney first!
We know you are in pain so we can make same day appointments for quick relief. Call today! (704) 523-2367

Vertebrae may become misaligned as a result of trauma from accidents and falls or simply from overuse and stress.  These misalignments are called subluxations and they create interference within your nervous system.  Subluxatuions cause abnormal stress on soft tissue such as ligaments, tendons, fascia discs, joints and nerves. Over time, this stress results in many symptoms, including pain.  If not treated, the pain continues and the condition worsens.

Chiropractic treatment consists of adjustments to correct subluxations and restore proper alignment to your spine.  At Charlotte Natural Healing, we use a combination of traditional manual adjustments and adjusting instrument technology to restore spinal alignment.  Proper alignment reduces stress on soft tissue and natural healing can then begin.