Why Aging Aggravates Spinal Injuries

Why Aging Aggravates Spinal Injuries

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Aging inhibits healing from countless conditions, including spinal chord injury. A new study from Ohio State University helps to explain why. For the first time researchers have shown that a spinal cord injury is more severe in elderly mice than mice of other ages, and posited potential reasons that could account for the differences. Their Read more

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Do You Get the Message

Many people think chiropractic is about bones, especially spinal bones. But the fact is, we're much more interested in nerves. In particular, the nerve messages that travel between the brain and the body and from the body back to the brain.Any type of disruption can distort or disturb the integrity of the controlling and regulating messages from the brain. The result can be ill health.A common culprit is the 24 moving bones of the spine that cover your spinal cord. When spinal bones lose Read more

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Curves Ahead

Your spine is made up of interconnected bones that provide numerous benefits to the body including: Shock absorption




The spine delivers these benefits through its spinal curves.During embryonic development, the spine has only one curve, called a kyphotic curve. Later, as a baby begins to experience significant motor development, such as sitting, crawling and walking, muscles begin to develop. As these muscles Read more

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Brain-to-Stomach Stomach- to-Brain

Controlling and regulating nerve impulses leave your brain, travel down your spinal cord to pairs of nerve roots exiting from between each pair of spinal bones and out to every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body.Simultaneously, messages from the body are constantly sent back to the brain. Even the slightest distortion or disturbance of these vital messages to or from the brain can produce malfunctioning organs or tissues.This is why a stomach problem may not be a stomach problem! Read more

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Why Chiropractic is the Best Solution for Sciatica Pain

Sciatica and chiropracticSciatica and chiropractic
Sciatica pain is often so debilitating that it forces people to miss work and other normal activities.  Of all patients with low-back pain, sciatica patients have the highest level of disability (1).  In fact, patients with sciatica are disabled for an average of 72 days according to Norwegian public-health records.
Fortunately, a recent study offers hope to sciatica patients: chiropractic care can speed the recovery from sciatica flare ups and allow patients to return to work sooner (2).

The study evaluated 44 Norwegian workers after they came to the hospital with severe sciatica pain. Most of those patients had been experiencing pain for three or more weeks prior to their hospital visit.
The hospital chiropractor examined each patient to evaluate his/her posture and gait, range of motion, and palpation of the lumbar spine.

The chiropractic then performed various joint adjustments to the spine and other limbs that had been injured through patients compensating for pain. Ice treatment was also used to relieve soft tissue soreness.Patients were treated daily in the hospital and later three times a week for the first two weeks. Some patients needed additional follow-up treatment but typically did not exceed 14 treatments.

In matter of 21 days, 91% of patients returned to work full-time. Two patients returned to work part time. Researchers concluded this study demonstrates the potent benefits of collaboration between chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons. Chiropractic care can put an end to your sciatica pain so you can begin living your life fully again.

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