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You could cleanse your body on your own without specially grown and processed supplements. All you would need to do is eat buckets full of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, dandelions, burdock root, barley grass, fenugreek, juniper, clover, collinsonia and fennel daily. Then you would need to throw in a few wheelbarrows full of buckwheat, carrots, chlorophyll, flax powder, alfalfa and more daily. And of course, you would also need to consume proanthocyanidins and phenols from grape seed and wine.
Neither you nor I would enjoy doing this. In fact, it would be impossible.
It is that time of the year again the perfect time to turn over a new leaf, to detoxify your body, to lose weight, to increase energy, and to begin to eat more healthfully. How would you like to lose 10-20 pounds in three weeks, lower cholesterol, decrease or lose the bags under your eyes (without a plastic surgeon), increase your energy and receive many other health benefits as a bonus?That's what happened to me and that's what can happen to you when you utilize a simple, short, and easy to follow 3-week Whole Body Purification.
Let's face it, your diet and environment are loaded with toxins, chemicals and poisons 80,000 are registered with the Centers for Disease Control. Your body does a pretty good job of eliminating toxins via its built in detoxification mechanisms that involve the stomach, small intestines, liver, kidneys, bowels, lymph system and more. When your detoxification systems (they all have long, biomechanical names) become sluggish you begin to suffer with headaches, weight gain, chronic fatigue, poor digestion, food cravings, stuffy head, low sex drive, reduced mental clarity, troubled sleep, and finally disease.
So it is easy to see that by enhancing your body's built in detoxification mechanisms, you are enhancing your health. Today, there are all kinds of "detoxification programs" for sale.  Some are effective, some are useless, they are all expensive, and many are simply cathartics,laxatives, and high dose synthetic nutrients. They can fool you because they cause frequent bowel movements, diarrhea, or lots of urination that you may mistake as detoxification.  

Yet there is a safe, effective, and inexpensive was to "clean up your system" and in the 3 weeks that it takes, you can lose extra weight and much more! During the same time, you will gain a new understanding about foods, diet, and detoxification, leading to long term weight control and better health.
Our Whole Body Purification Program provides the real whole-food phytonutrients which enhance all avenues of detoxification, built into supplements that can be taken with healthful meals and powders that can be blended into delicious shakes.
This is the real thing, proven by pre- and post- blood tests and scientific testing. Best yet, it is easy. You will be provided with simple instructions, daily support emails, over 300 recipes and everything you need to purify, lose weight and begin to regain your health.  

I do it, my wife does it, our friends do it and you can do it too.

If you don't take the time for your health now, you WILL need to take the time for your sickness later on.

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Why Chiropractic is the Best Solution for Sciatica Pain

Sciatica and chiropracticSciatica and chiropractic
Sciatica pain is often so debilitating that it forces people to miss work and other normal activities.  Of all patients with low-back pain, sciatica patients have the highest level of disability (1).  In fact, patients with sciatica are disabled for an average of 72 days according to Norwegian public-health records.
Fortunately, a recent study offers hope to sciatica patients: chiropractic care can speed the recovery from sciatica flare ups and allow patients to return to work sooner (2).

The study evaluated 44 Norwegian workers after they came to the hospital with severe sciatica pain. Most of those patients had been experiencing pain for three or more weeks prior to their hospital visit.
The hospital chiropractor examined each patient to evaluate his/her posture and gait, range of motion, and palpation of the lumbar spine.

The chiropractic then performed various joint adjustments to the spine and other limbs that had been injured through patients compensating for pain. Ice treatment was also used to relieve soft tissue soreness.Patients were treated daily in the hospital and later three times a week for the first two weeks. Some patients needed additional follow-up treatment but typically did not exceed 14 treatments.

In matter of 21 days, 91% of patients returned to work full-time. Two patients returned to work part time. Researchers concluded this study demonstrates the potent benefits of collaboration between chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons. Chiropractic care can put an end to your sciatica pain so you can begin living your life fully again.

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  1. Arana E, Marti-Bonmati L, Vega M, et al. Relationship between low back pain, disability, MR imaging findings and health care provider. Skeletal Radiology 2006;35(9):641-7.
  2. Orlin JR, Didriksen A. Results of chiropractic treatment of lumbopelvic fixation in 44 patients admitted to an orthopedic department. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 2007;30:135-139.