If you do not digest your foods properly (especially meats and proteins), beginning in the stomach, you will suffer from gas, bloating, fullness after meals, and even allergic reactions such as hives and allergies.  This is all too common and it has to do with a series of bad habits and a slow loss of natural digestive enzymes.
The bad habits are easy to fix.  You simply need to chew your food thoroughly and eat whole foods that your body can digest naturally.  Processed foods are not something that your body recognizes as food that can be properly digested.  In other words, for some of these processed-food concoctions, a human digestive enzyme does not exist.  It would be as if you ate plastic or wood.
If you suffer from indigestion, gas, and bloating you should not take antacids.  Antacids cover up the symptoms and make the problem worse.  Food will generally not leave your stomach until fully acted upon by digestive enzymes.  So, without adequate amounts of these enzymes, food will stay in your stomach for long periods of time.  Or worse, with digestive failure in the stomach, food that is not properly digested will be finally passed along to your intestines.  This condition causes severe indigestion, gas and even allergic reactions.
Animal protein (meat) is digested (liquefied) in your stomach by the acid pepsin.  Pepsin is activated by hydrochloric acid (a catalyst). Proteins and meat entering your small intestine as undigested proteins are extremely toxic to your system.  In the intestine, undigested protein undergoes putrefaction, giving off poisonous end products called guanidine (a constipation toxin), and histamine (an allergen that causes allergies, hives, and more), among others.  This process is very different from the way adequately digested and liquefied proteins enter the lower digestive tract as amino acids and peptones, which are need to buil a strong, healthy body.
This is a natural phenomenon that cannot be disrupted.  You simply cannot go against the laws of nature and expect something other than the usual miserable triad of gas, bloating, and allergic fullness after meals.  SO think twice about what you eat.  Make sure you chew.  Drink plenty of water.  Stop using antacids and acid blockers.  If your digestive system has been depleted from years of abuse, rebuild it with digestive enzymes.
Gas, bloating, fullness, ulcers, gastritis, allergies and hives?  Think digestion, not antacids.
Call us at 704-523-2367 and ask about our protocol that will rebuild digestion and efficiently heal almost all patients with ulcers and severe gastritis.
Consult with Natural Healing Expert, Dr. Jeremy Hozjan to discover how he helps people with a wide range of medical problems, from the merely annoying to those that are life-threatening.

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Osteoporosis drugs do not work for the long haul because they do nothing for the formation of new, strong bone.  The drugs for osteoporosis inhibit the breakdown and removal of older bone, thus allowing the skeleton to retain more older, weaker bone material.  After 3-5 years, the incidence of hip and other serious fractures begins to increase.  These side effects can be serious for you.  Older, brittle bones may be strong enough to withstand fractures in the spine, but they do not maintain sufficient tensile strength to prevent worse fractures like those in the hip.  Additionally, this type of inefficient treatment does not address the underlying cause of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis drugs (bisphosphonates) do not cure osteoporosis, despite the glowing ads claiming that you can take one pill a month and be cured.  Bone is a living, breathing tissue, constantly changing, nourishing, and replenishing itself much different from the public's perception of bone as rock-like.
Osteoporosis drugs (bisphosphonates) such as Fosamax®, Actonel®, Boniva®, Aredia® and Didronel® interfere with your bone's ability to continuously clear away old, brittle, diseased bone and replace it with new, strong, functional bone.  This can only lead to disaster because the drugs maintain old, brittle and diseased bone on your skeleton and the longer you take these drugs, the more brittle and weak your skeleton will become. These drugs are a dead-end for all these reasons and the cut-off point is approximately five years before your skeleton simply breaks down. Older brittle bones may be strong enough to withstand fractures in the spine, but they do not maintain sufficient tensile strength to prevent worse fractures in the hip.
If I knew this years ago, so did everyone else.  However, the billions of dollars in sales of bone density screenings and osteoporosis drugs goes on anyway.
You may be saying, "How can it be?"  These drugs do not cure osteoporosis?  These drugs are very dangerous?  These drugs cause permanent rotting of the jawbone in some women (because they disrupt the removal of old, brittle and diseased bone)?  These drugs cause serious, traumatic fractures of the hip when taken beyond four to five years?
Yes, yes, yes, and yes.  We now know all this is 100% true.  It is a known fact that some women suffer from permanent osteonecrosis (rotting) of the jawbone.  Reports that severe traumatic fractures of the hip occur while simply standing have been published.  In 2005, the Journal of Clinical Endoncrinology & Metabloism published cases of spontaneous traumatic hip fractures following Fosamax® use and in 2007, the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery reported the same thing. 
In 2008, the Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma reported that Fosamax® caused spontaneous, severe hip fractures in women who took the drug for more than five years.  The fractures occurred in the femur (large leg bone that attaches to the pelvis at the hip joint) and in many cases the fractures were preceded by weeks or months of aching in the thigh bone.  Almost all fractures occurred spontaneously while standing or walking!
Bisphosphonates are deposited onto the bones and accumulate there for years.  This makes the bones more brittle and impairs the body's ability to repair bone damage and build strong bones, eventually leading to fractures.  It is ironic because Fosamax® and all the other osteoporosis drugs are given to prevent fractures.  Yet now we know they can turn your skeleton to glass and actually cause fractures.
Osteoporosis screening and treatments are scams because all tests are based on bone density, with no attention paid to bone strength.  This concept is completely wrong and it is designed to sell drugs. As with all things in medicine, just follow the money.  Beyond the money, this scam continues because most American women cannot face the reality that their osteoporosis is caused by poor diet, lack of minerals, hormonal imbalances, and lack of exercise.  After all, it is so much easier to take one pill a month!
How You Can Cure Your Osteoporosis?
The right diet, and especially the right supplements, combined with strong resistance exercise (lifting weights) will build bone more quickly and powerfully than any other medical treatment ever designed.  This is a critical concept because untreated osteoporosis can ruin your life.  It is a dreadful, ugly, deforming disease that can wrack you with endless pain.  It can result in drug dependence, addiction and even death.
If you have osteoporosis you may as well accept the fact that medical treatment is a dead-end.  The only chance you have is to start eating healthfully, take the right supplements and start lifting weights.  If you think that exercising cannot build bone, ponder the fact that the dominant arm of a professional tennis player has 35% more bone density than the other arm all from exercise!
So get started now.  The diet is founded on Dr. Hozjan's Whole Body Purification and is supported with a protocol of Whole Food Supplements.  
The great news is that we can help you treat the cause of osteoporosis and in doing so, get your cure.  Start getting strong and more independent.  Start feeling 20 years younger.  Start today!
Consult with Natural Healing Expert, Dr. Jeremy Hozjan to discover how he helps people with a wide range of medical problems, from the merely annoying to those that are life-threatening.

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There are tens of millions of older cardiac patients and you may be one of them.  So just what is the most effective thing and aged cardiac patient should do to prevent a first, second, or subsequent heart attack and to fight heart and blood vessel disease in order to live as long and as strong as possible?  Is it to take a statin (cholesterol lowering) drug? Is it to take blood pressure pills?  Or to have a bypass or angioplasty?  Or is it to take immediate action against the most common, least understood, and almost secret ailment common to nearly all aged cardiac patients?

The secret ailment is not high cholesterol.  It is not high blood pressure or clogged arteries.  It is not obesity or diabetes.  These are often present, even common.  The most universal secret ailment of aged cardiac patients is their deplorable nutritional status.  Most are starved for nutrition.  Many don't eat because of their reduced desire for food caused by cardiac drugs and still more suffer violently from foods that do not agree with them or make their digestion worse.
Many aged cardiac patients live on very little, stimulate themselves with coffee and soda, calm themselves with alcohol, and use painkillers to soften the side effects from heart drugs.  They take over-the-counter drugs for their constipation, acid indigestion, headaches and more each contributing to the deplorable state of their nutritional status.  And finally, when they present themselves to their doctors for care, they have almost universal nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, primarily of the B vitamins, such as B4, B12, folic acid, and more all desperately needed by their hearts.
These patients have little mineral nutrition, are almost always calcium deficient (often from taking too much of the wrong calcium), and they suffer from deficiencies in Vitamins D, E, F, K2 and more, they get their medical treatment more prescription drugs.
So what is the treatment for this secret ailment?
All aged cardiac patients need intensive nutritional therapy.  If this is your situation and you take the bull by the horns, this therapy can help you reduce or eliminate the need for all the drugs that take their toll over the years.  This therapy can provide many more good years to enjoy with your loved ones and families.  This therapy is easy, inexpensive, safe, and can help you get control over your heart problems.  Nutritional therapy will provide the tools you need to get very fast relief with most every kind of heart problem.
Do not stay in the dark.  Proper nutritional therapy is the answer.
Got heart disease?
Getting older?
Not eating like you should?
Looking at paralyzing drugs, dangerous surgeries,
heart attacks, or even death?
Ask about our protocol and watch what happens in 3-4 months
This minimal protocol has helped tens of thousands of people.  Even if yours is a more complex case that requires more specific nutrition, or after all these years you can no longer digest concentrated nutrients, these problems can almost always be overcome.

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Sciatica and chiropracticSciatica and chiropractic
Sciatica pain is often so debilitating that it forces people to miss work and other normal activities.  Of all patients with low-back pain, sciatica patients have the highest level of disability (1).  In fact, patients with sciatica are disabled for an average of 72 days according to Norwegian public-health records.
Fortunately, a recent study offers hope to sciatica patients: chiropractic care can speed the recovery from sciatica flare ups and allow patients to return to work sooner (2).

The study evaluated 44 Norwegian workers after they came to the hospital with severe sciatica pain. Most of those patients had been experiencing pain for three or more weeks prior to their hospital visit.
The hospital chiropractor examined each patient to evaluate his/her posture and gait, range of motion, and palpation of the lumbar spine.

The chiropractic then performed various joint adjustments to the spine and other limbs that had been injured through patients compensating for pain. Ice treatment was also used to relieve soft tissue soreness.Patients were treated daily in the hospital and later three times a week for the first two weeks. Some patients needed additional follow-up treatment but typically did not exceed 14 treatments.

In matter of 21 days, 91% of patients returned to work full-time. Two patients returned to work part time. Researchers concluded this study demonstrates the potent benefits of collaboration between chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons. Chiropractic care can put an end to your sciatica pain so you can begin living your life fully again.

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  1. Arana E, Marti-Bonmati L, Vega M, et al. Relationship between low back pain, disability, MR imaging findings and health care provider. Skeletal Radiology 2006;35(9):641-7.
  2. Orlin JR, Didriksen A. Results of chiropractic treatment of lumbopelvic fixation in 44 patients admitted to an orthopedic department. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 2007;30:135-139.