Once You Go...

It keeps a lot of people from benefiting from chiropractic: they're afraid that they will somehow get "addicted" to our care!

While many of our practice members choose to come in on a regular basis when they're feeling great, they don't have to. They want to. For...
  • The early detection of vertebral subluxations
  • Avoiding a relapse of their original problem
  • Being their best and staying well
These are choices practice members make, based on their understanding of what we do and how they value their health. I guess it's mostly about priorities. Each of us gets to choose how much attention we want to give our health. We honor that choice. Sure, we explain the benefits of periodic checkups, but our job is to offer the finest chiropractic care possible, and then it's entirely up to you to decide how much of it you want.

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Organic Foods - Unplugged

It's exciting to see all the new-found interest in organic foods, pure drinking water, exercise and fitness.
Yet, many of these well-intentioned, health-conscience people are wasting their money.

If you know someone who is shopping organically and reducing their dependence upon processed foods, but not getting regularly adjusted, they may be overlooking a key point.

Let's say you go to your favorite supermarket for your weekly shopping. And because you've wisely shopped the perimeter of the store where the fresh foods are, you return home and put things away in your fridge.  But you overlooked one little detail. It's not plugged in! So the fridge has a major vertebral subluxation at the electrical outlet.

In the same way your fridge cannot preserve, protect and prolong the vitality of your foods without a properly functioning electrical system, your body cannot properly digest, assimilate and eliminate foods with a vertebral subluxation interfering with your digestive system.

So it doesn't matter how healthy your organic food choices are, because your body won't be making the most of those healthy choices.

Your nervous system runs the whole show. If it doesn't work right, you don't work right. And if you're not working right you can't fully benefit from organic food, gym membership and other healthy habits.  Have your spine and nervous system checked and update your Nutrition Response Testing Analysis today! 

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Sick Of Debt?

Sick of Debt? Or, more accurately, sick from debt?  Too many bills can drain your health along with your savings.  Excessive debt can eat away at your health, as well as your bank account.

There is an epidemic plaguing many people today and it's called debt stress. 
Credit card companies and retail outlets have made it easier to obtain credit on demand and they are perfectly agreeable to generous credit limits. But all of this "generosity" comes with a high price tag exorbitant interest rates that make it relatively easy to amass a lot of debt in a short period of time and minimum payments that barely put a dent in the amount owed.
The average homeowner has 10 credit cards, each with an average interest rate of 19%. Paying only the minimum payment means it would take years to pay each card off. And all of this debt is causing a lot of stress and health-related concerns for plenty of people.
Mental disorders, migraines, heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain/loss, insomnia these are just a few of the by-products of debt stress. For some, spending is an addiction, just like alcohol, drugs or gambling, and it needs to be treated in much the same way.
What can you do about your overwhelming and out-of-control debt? Here are some suggestions to help you regain control of your debt and your health:
  • Seek the advice and guidance of a reputable credit counselor.
    Contact your creditors and advise them of your situation before you are late or miss a payment; many will work with you to set up financially feasible payment schedules.
  • Reduce spending and stop incurring new debt.
  • Use a debit card instead of a credit card.
  • Use money in a savings account that is earning minimal interest, to pay off any high-interest credit cards.
It is possible, with determination and the adoption of some new spending rules, to regain your credit and your personal health. It starts with admitting that you have a problem and moving on from there to help yourself.

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Good or Bad?

It seems a week doesn't pass that we don't hear something in the media about the dangers of eating, drinking or coming into contact with one substance or another. Even more confusing is that if you wait long enough, someone else comes out with another study extolling its health benefits!

Consider some of things that the "authorities" have flip-flopped about concerning their safety:
Sushi, Red meat, NutraSweet, Sucralose, Saccharin, Dyes, Perfumes, High fat foods, Eggs, Decaffeinated coffee, White bread, Hot dogs, Sugar, White flour, Coffee, Carbohydrates, Tap water, Margarine, Butter, Wheat, GM corn, Fluoride, Silver fillings, Tuna, Bacon.

Consider this. For every person who has had an adverse effect, millions have not. In fact, we've all heard of those in their 80s, 90s or older claiming their secret to longevity was the result of eating or drinking something we've been told is bad for us.

Hmmm. Maybe it's not just the substances. Maybe it's our attitude, stress level, ability to adapt (nervous system integrity), the toxicity of our environment and a constellation of countless other issues at play. What do you think?

A Nutrition Response Testing Analysis will accurately determine how your body is reacting to a variety of stressors including heavy metals, food sensitivities, other chemicals, virus, bacteria, parasites, yeast, fungus and more!  Call today for an analysis!

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Do You Get the Message

Many people think chiropractic is about bones, especially spinal bones. But the fact is, we're much more interested in nerves. In particular, the nerve messages that travel between the brain and the body and from the body back to the brain.

Any type of disruption can distort or disturb the integrity of the controlling and regulating messages from the brain. The result can be ill health.

A common culprit is the 24 moving bones of the spine that cover your spinal cord. When spinal bones lose their normal motion or position, it can irritate nearby nerves. Because the nervous system controls every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body, chiropractic care can help a wide variety of health problems.

Maybe you know someone who has been told that it"s "all in their head" or that they"ll have to "learn to live with it." Worse, someone who thinks they have a muscle relaxer shortage! Send them our way or forward our blog and practice website to them.

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Pain is Not the Problem

Many people begin chiropractic care because of an ache or a pain. Pain can be distracting, debilitating, irritating or annoying. Pain can be chronic, acute, intense or intermittent. Pain can be sharp or dull, specific or general.

But pain is not the problem!

Pain is a symptom. A signal. A sign. Pain is no more a problem than a traffic signal or your alarm clock announcing that it's time to start the day. If there's a problem, it's the meaning we attach to the pain.

When we meet practice members who are in pain, besides being compassionate, our first thought is that they must have exceeded some physical, chemical or emotional limit to which they can no longer adapt. So, while we're interested in the pain, we're even more interested in what was the underlying cause of the pain. Plus, what should the practice member do to avoid this in the future?

Do you know someone who thinks pain is a problem? Please send them our way. Because in our practice pain is never a problem

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If I Could Do It All Again...

We all get caught up in the busy-ness of life, and sometimes the most important things are the very things we neglect.

Fortunately, we can change that habit any time we choose! Don't wait until your kids are grown to think about what you'd like to do differently - do it differently now!

If I had my child to raise all over again...
  • I'd build self-esteem first, and the house later.
  • I'd finger paint more, and point the finger less.
  • I would do less correcting and more connecting.
  • I'd take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes.
  • I would care to know less and know to care more.
  • I'd take more hikes and fly more kites.
  • I'd stop playing serious, and seriously play.
  • I'd ignore the stares and stare at more stars.
  • I'd do more hugging and less tugging.
  • I'd see the oak in the acorn more often.
  • I would be firm less often, and affirm much more.
  • I'd abandon my love of power, for the power of love.
Be the extraordinary parent you always wanted to be. Today!

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Curves Ahead

Your spine is made up of interconnected bones that provide numerous benefits to the body including:
  • Shock absorption
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Movement
The spine delivers these benefits through its spinal curves.

During embryonic development, the spine has only one curve, called a kyphotic curve. Later, as a baby begins to experience significant motor development, such as sitting, crawling and walking, muscles begin to develop. As these muscles strengthen, they cause the formation of secondary curves, called lordotic curves.

Four types of spinal curves:

  • Cervical Lordosis
  • Thoracic Kyphosis
  • Lumbar Lordosis
  • Sacral Kyphosis
These curves are important because they allow the spine to support 10 times more weight than it could if it were straight. This is why it is important to follow the procedures for proper lifting. If you bend at the waist to pick something up, the spine straightens, putting you at far greater risk for injury than if you bend at the knees, maintaining the spinal curves, when lifting.

Have your spine checked regularly.  Call today to schedule an appointment.

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Small Change

Many health problems provide subtle warnings long before they become serious. Like radio telescopes scanning the heavens for the faintest signals from space, being aware of these early signs is important. If you ignore these quiet warnings, your body will increase these murmurings into something much louder to get your attention!

Those of us who are keenly aware of our body are sensitive to things like:
  • Changes in digestion or intestinal gas.
  • Pain when attempting to turn or bend.
  • A new and persistent cough.
  • Increased frequency of urination.
  • Sudden loss or increase of weight.
  • Appearance of dark circles under the eyes.
  • Inability to fall asleep or stay asleep.
Waiting until symptoms become pronounced makes correction more difficult. If you've been waiting for a problem to "go away on its own," call our practice for a thorough examination.   Nutrition Response Testing will accurately determine the cause and solution to your situation.

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Do You Have an Owner's Manual?

Each of us is given this amazing body that takes care of millions of details all by itself without us having to give it any conscious thought. This "autopilot" feature of our bodies gets many of our practice members into trouble. It prompts many to neglect some of the basic maintenance necessary for a long, trouble-free life.

If our bodies came with a manual, exercise, getting the proper rest, eating nutritious foods and drinking enough pure water would all be mentioned. Neglect any of these and your body warns you with hunger, thirst, lack of energy and other symptoms.

What else would be in the manual? Since your nervous system orchestrates everything, making sure yours is vertebral subluxation-free would also be mentioned. That's where we come in. That's the primary purpose of chiropractic care.

Sure, pain can be a compelling motivator. However, it's a lot like waiting until you're starving to death to eat, or not drinking any water until you're delirious! Don't wait until you're "starving" - call us today to schedule an appointment for a chiropractic or Nutrition Response Testing checkup!

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Why Chiropractic is the Best Solution for Sciatica Pain

Sciatica and chiropracticSciatica and chiropractic
Sciatica pain is often so debilitating that it forces people to miss work and other normal activities.  Of all patients with low-back pain, sciatica patients have the highest level of disability (1).  In fact, patients with sciatica are disabled for an average of 72 days according to Norwegian public-health records.
Fortunately, a recent study offers hope to sciatica patients: chiropractic care can speed the recovery from sciatica flare ups and allow patients to return to work sooner (2).

The study evaluated 44 Norwegian workers after they came to the hospital with severe sciatica pain. Most of those patients had been experiencing pain for three or more weeks prior to their hospital visit.
The hospital chiropractor examined each patient to evaluate his/her posture and gait, range of motion, and palpation of the lumbar spine.

The chiropractic then performed various joint adjustments to the spine and other limbs that had been injured through patients compensating for pain. Ice treatment was also used to relieve soft tissue soreness.Patients were treated daily in the hospital and later three times a week for the first two weeks. Some patients needed additional follow-up treatment but typically did not exceed 14 treatments.

In matter of 21 days, 91% of patients returned to work full-time. Two patients returned to work part time. Researchers concluded this study demonstrates the potent benefits of collaboration between chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons. Chiropractic care can put an end to your sciatica pain so you can begin living your life fully again.

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  1. Arana E, Marti-Bonmati L, Vega M, et al. Relationship between low back pain, disability, MR imaging findings and health care provider. Skeletal Radiology 2006;35(9):641-7.
  2. Orlin JR, Didriksen A. Results of chiropractic treatment of lumbopelvic fixation in 44 patients admitted to an orthopedic department. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 2007;30:135-139.