There are tens of millions of older cardiac patients and you may be one of them.  So just what is the most effective thing and aged cardiac patient should do to prevent a first, second, or subsequent heart attack and to fight heart and blood vessel disease in order to live as long and as strong as possible?  Is it to take a statin (cholesterol lowering) drug? Is it to take blood pressure pills?  Or to have a bypass or angioplasty?  Or is it to take immediate action against the most common, least understood, and almost secret ailment common to nearly all aged cardiac patients?

The secret ailment is not high cholesterol.  It is not high blood pressure or clogged arteries.  It is not obesity or diabetes.  These are often present, even common.  The most universal secret ailment of aged cardiac patients is their deplorable nutritional status.  Most are starved for nutrition.  Many don't eat because of their reduced desire for food caused by cardiac drugs and still more suffer violently from foods that do not agree with them or make their digestion worse.
Many aged cardiac patients live on very little, stimulate themselves with coffee and soda, calm themselves with alcohol, and use painkillers to soften the side effects from heart drugs.  They take over-the-counter drugs for their constipation, acid indigestion, headaches and more each contributing to the deplorable state of their nutritional status.  And finally, when they present themselves to their doctors for care, they have almost universal nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, primarily of the B vitamins, such as B4, B12, folic acid, and more all desperately needed by their hearts.
These patients have little mineral nutrition, are almost always calcium deficient (often from taking too much of the wrong calcium), and they suffer from deficiencies in Vitamins D, E, F, K2 and more, they get their medical treatment more prescription drugs.
So what is the treatment for this secret ailment?
All aged cardiac patients need intensive nutritional therapy.  If this is your situation and you take the bull by the horns, this therapy can help you reduce or eliminate the need for all the drugs that take their toll over the years.  This therapy can provide many more good years to enjoy with your loved ones and families.  This therapy is easy, inexpensive, safe, and can help you get control over your heart problems.  Nutritional therapy will provide the tools you need to get very fast relief with most every kind of heart problem.
Do not stay in the dark.  Proper nutritional therapy is the answer.
Got heart disease?
Getting older?
Not eating like you should?
Looking at paralyzing drugs, dangerous surgeries,
heart attacks, or even death?
Ask about our protocol and watch what happens in 3-4 months
This minimal protocol has helped tens of thousands of people.  Even if yours is a more complex case that requires more specific nutrition, or after all these years you can no longer digest concentrated nutrients, these problems can almost always be overcome.

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  1. Arana E, Marti-Bonmati L, Vega M, et al. Relationship between low back pain, disability, MR imaging findings and health care provider. Skeletal Radiology 2006;35(9):641-7.
  2. Orlin JR, Didriksen A. Results of chiropractic treatment of lumbopelvic fixation in 44 patients admitted to an orthopedic department. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 2007;30:135-139.